President’s Message, 2018

Dear Pepperell Garden Club Members,

The town of Pepperell is the recipient of all of the efforts of the Pepperell Garden Club.    The club maintains the Rotary and Clock Tower Garden plus the gardens at the Senior Center, Town Hall and VFW.  We have donated Christmas wreaths to the town every year and we plant and maintain the barrels around Pepperell.  We have done all of this thru our hard labor and fund raising via the May Plant sale.

Last June, the club voted to provide 40 yards of mulch to the Police Station.  While this civic project may have been a good idea, it also depleted our funds for the year.  But it gave us the opportunity to focus on the Club.  I am hoping to provide more structure to the club via policies and procedures.  Some of areas include project initiation and meeting etiquette.

When I was President 25 years ago,  I pushed to include every member to be on a committee.    I also started an effort to recruit new members including those that may be a bit younger.  I believe that both of  these causes are still important.  I know that the Pepperell Garden Club members should be able to accomplish both this year.


Diane Murphy