President’s Message, 2019


Dear Pepperell Garden Club Members,

Welcome back to the 2019 -2020 year of the Pepperell Garden Club.   I would like the emphasis this year to be “Let us in”.  Terry Geddes shared this story with me ….

One newly elected president told us that when she first joined her club, the same few people were circulating over and over to hold the positions of leadership just to keep the club going. As a new member who wanted to be a part of shaping the club, she and other new members felt they couldn’t break in to this tight circle.  Finally, she told the club one day “Please, let us in”.

To me this means that the veteran members need to encourage new members to take positions of responsibility and to hold back from volunteering until new members have had a chance to consider a committee.  For the new members this means considering positions within the club and eventually joining a committee.  The role of the veteran members would then be to mentor the new committee members, only if asked, be open to new ideas and never say “We have never done it that way before”.

If the Pepperell Garden Club embraces the new philosophy, it will be the greatest year ever.  So “Please, let us in”.


Diane Murphy