Garden Ideas and Advice

Fun ideas we’ve seen on Garden Safaris!   Member photos taken at Tiffany’s Garden in Londonderry, NH.
 – Club members and speakers share horticultural tips or information sources. Click to open .pdf files.

Planting Perennials in the Fall – Oct 2014

Fall Garden Cleanup tips – Nov 2014

Planting for Pollinators 

Cyclamen Plant care – Jan 2015

Seed Starting Basics – Feb 2015

Perennial Pairings – Sept 2015, Japanese Anemone & Wood Aster

Perennial Pairings Nov 2015, Hardy Cranesbill Geranium & Epimedium

Perennial Pairings – Feb 2016, Winterberry and Redtwig Dogwood

 – Plant for Pollinators: they provide ecological services essential to the health of our environment, and they add beauty and color to your garden!